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You’re breathing. Even the cruelest and most coldhearted know that children are slaves to their unhinged emotions which can be kicked off by the absence of a nap, not being given their dinosaur nuggies, or not getting to play longer.


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Summary: A collection of Twisted Wonderland x Reader stories I write. .


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grim, m. 9 parts.

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Apr 22, 2021 · This was fun to write, personally I don’t really like children but the idea of the first year squad dealing with MC as a baby is still entertaining.
Twisted-Wonderland | Reader Lilia Vanrouge | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance X Reader Games Slowburn Friends To Lovers Amnesia Comedy When Yuu stumbles.

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. “Hey little shrimpy!”, you froze at the sound of the familiar voice, “Floyd?” you peaked out from your corner spot at the snack. Twisted Wonderland x Reader Requests! sopheeaboo.

Luckily you happen to be an expert at ignoring the obvious and inevitable. though as you two start to become closer, he’ll notice how your height hinders your everyday activities, such as reaching things on high shelves etc. . Discover more posts about twst headcanons, twst x reader, malleus draconia x reader, twst imagines, twst scenarios, vil schoenheit x reader, and twisted wonderland x reader. Its a gender neutral reader.


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